Arctic tasting

Order a guided tasting experience from the world's northernmost distillery - Bivrost. The experience includes tastings, and you will learn about making first-class alcohol north of the Arctic Circle. Local taste and interesting facts guaranteed!

You get a glimpse into the mythical past of Viking drinking customs and learn about high-tech alcohol production at the top of the world. During this exciting guided tasting you will see, feel and smell Arctic ingredients that are all used in the production of Bivrost.

There are two different taste experiences:

1. Learn about aquavit, the Norwegian national spirit, an arch-Norwegian product that we have had a tradition for many hundreds of years in Norway. The alcohol is based on caraway and dill, and is usually stored in oak barrels for more than six months. You will get an introduction to the history of aquavit, and get to taste four different varieties with their own distinctive character.

2. Taste the history of the world's northernmost brewery. Hear the fascinating story of the creation of the world's northernmost distillery. Throughout the story, you will get to taste four different alcohols, each with its own story: gin, whiskey, aquavit and vodka.

We offer wine tasting with Malangen Resort's own sommelier on request.

There will be a small and light serving of local food, such as cured meats and cheese during the taste experience.

Possibility of private ordering for taste experiences for groups, contact us for offers.

1 hour

499NOK per person

Drinks, light serving of local food.
English-speaking guide/sommelier.

Age limit 20 years