Sami history

Join a journey through Sami culture. The Sami are the indigenous people living in the northern extremities of Europe. Join a lavvo (Sami shepherd tent) with a hear fascinating stories about the indigenous people's way of life, their history and faith, in the glow from the fire inside the lavvo. You get to see traditional Sami objects and taste authentic Sami food, cooked on the fire. You will then have a chance to learn about traditional reindeer husbandry, the culture and the art of throwing a lasso. As a souvenir, our guide will help you create your own work of art from reindeer antlers.

The recommended age limit for this activity is five years.

Warm underwear (wool or fleece is recommended).

13.00 - 16.00

1,195 NOK per adult
NOK 717 per child under 15 years

All equipment: boiler suit, boots, gloves and headgear.
Authentic Sami food made on the fire (vegetarian food is served if prior notice is given).

From October 1

2 - 12 people