Camp Nikka

Camp Nikka is Malangen Resort’s very own wilderness camp

Comprising two large lavvus (Sami herdsmen’s tents), a rustic shelter and toilet facilities, Camp Nikka is just a 10-minute walk from Malangen Resort.

It is the base for our nature-based adventures and forms an integral part of our complete resort concept. Instead of sleeping at one place, eating at another and spending hours driving in between activities or chasing the Northern Lights, everything at Malangen Resort is within walking distance.
Camp Nikka is situated on the shores of the picturesque Nikkavannet (Lake Nikka). The camp is located 70 m above sea level in the pristine wilderness behind the resort.

During winter, the lake will be frozen, where you can walk and enjoy the fresh mountain air. In summer, you can fish with a rod around the entire lake. The chances are good here of catching trout and Arctic char.
The surrounding forest trails are the venue for our popular and personal excursions.

There is no electricity up at Camp Nikka, which means there is virtually no artificial lighting. The location enhances your Northern Lights experience and makes Camp Nikka a real hotspot in the Tromsø region for experiencing this natural phenomenon.

On cold winter nights or during the nature-based experience in the daytime, you can warm up inside one of our lavvus. Sitting on a warm reindeer skin on a wooden bench beside the open fire, you will quickly warm up and get new energy for your next adventure. This also adds an exciting dimension to the overall experience. Coffee brewed on the open fire up in the wilderness tastes excellent and will also help to keep you warm.

Welcome to memorable wilderness experiences at Camp Nikka!

Sauna & Jacuzzi

Our famous glass-fronted sauna and open air hot tub.

We take our statement seriously that every room at Malangen Resort comes with a view. Our large glass-fronted sauna is located near the waterfront, so you can enjoy unsurpassed views of the spectacular fjord and mountains while relaxing in the warmth of the sauna.

The view adds an extra dimension to your sauna experience. Could we claim to have the world’s most scenic sauna?

Our glass-fronted sauna is open daily in the winter season. An additional cost applies, and you may book on the spot at the reception.

A changing room with shower and toilet facilities is located adjacent to the sauna. Towels are included in the price.

The open-air hot tub is located alongside the glass-fronted sauna. The hot tub is ideal for groups, families or couples wanting to share a memorable experience.

Like the glass-fronted sauna and virtually every other facility at Malangen Resort, the hot tub offers a spectacular view of the fjord and mountain. If you’re fortunate, you may catch a glimpse of the majestic Northern Lights during a relaxing dip in the wintertime.

The open air hot tub and sauna may be hired as a package on request. It is necessary to book in advance, as the hot tub needs time to reach the optimal temperature.  Please note that the open air hot tub is not included in the daily public sauna.

The glass-fronted sauna and open air hot tub have a secluded location right at the end of the resort down from the Aurora event cabin.

Spa has in time developed into a social concept and is increasing used for social gatherings for groups, meetings/courses, weddings or anniversaries. This is the perfect activity to enjoy together and adds that little extra to private or work-related events. A spa experience in our glass-fronted sauna and open air hot tub gives surplus energy, increased well being, harmony and new inspiration…

Aurora event cabin

The Aurora event cabin at Malangen Resort is ideal for business or pleasure

This cosy and modern cabin is heated by a wood-burning stove in the centre has capacity for 30 people sitting on benches in a ring. The Aurora event cabin is insulated, features large windows overlooking the fjord and mountains and has under-floor heating and modern kitchen facilities.

If you are in search of a special setting for your next meeting or event, our Aurora event cabin may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The special glass section in the roof makes it possible to enjoy the Polar Night, starry sky and hopefully the majestic Northern Lights without freezing.

The Aurora event cabin has a secluded location right at the end of the resort directly up from the glass-fronted sauna and open air hot tub.

This exclusive event cabin is perfect for what we call a “Round-the-fire conference”. You can sit warmly and comfortably around the glowing fire in the centre and experience a course/meeting with a difference in a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. We can also provide any other facilities you require for such a “conference”. Meals can also be served here. We offer everything from light refreshments to advanced dinners.

The Aurora event cabin is also ideal for private social gatherings. Anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings and social gatherings with your friends – nothing is impossible. You can enjoy a meal or simply each other’s company in a pleasant atmosphere protected from wind, rain and snow.


Authentic Northern Norwegian cuisine with a Continental flair

At Malangen Resort, our goal is to provide local and authentic products to our guests. The food we serve follows that message as we locally source almost every ingredient that we do. 

Due to our proximity to the sea, our menu centres around an abundance of fresh plates of seafood caught in the surrounding fjords. We also serve other Northern Norwegian delicacies such as reindeer meat or Lamb from the Surrounding areas.


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