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Malangen Resort – Wilderness Camp

Our Wilderness Camp has an idyllic setting on the shores of Lake Nikkavannet, just a 20-minute walk from the resort. This sheltered place is perfect for events, relaxing around the campfire or as a starting point for activities – all year round. Hosting events here adds a unique nature-based setting.

The Wilderness Camp consists of two large luvvu (Sami herdsmen’s tents) that can seat up to 100 guests in total, a rustic shelter with a fireplace and a nice outdoor area. This is an excellent place to arrange larger events, team building activities, festivities and serve food to guests. On cold winter evenings, or after the nature-based experience during the day, guests warm up while sitting on wooden benches covered with reindeer skins around an open fire. It’s hard to match the taste of coffee brewed on a campfire.

The location combined with the complete lack of artificial light makes our Wilderness Camp a real hotspot for observing the Northern Lights in all their glory.

15-20 min. walk from the resort on a gravel path

Rustic shelter with fireplace
2 lavvu, each with capacity for 50 people (rented on request)
Toilet facilities
Lake for fishing and bathing
Hiking trails around lake Nikkavannet and into the mountains
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