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Experience the seven summits

Seven of the mountain peaks on the Malangen peninsula are about a 30-minute drive, making them easily accessible with transport from the resort. Various routes up the mountains have been mapped by ski touring and avalanche expert Espen Nordahl, who has literally written the book Ski Touring in Troms. Nordahl has combined his own experiences with the knowledge of experienced locals when working out the routes up and down the mountains.

Boat Rental Activities

Head out onto the fjord by boat and experience amazing water activities.

Arctic tasting

Get a glimpse into the mythical past of Viking age drinking customs and learn about high-tech alcohol production at the top of the world. During this exciting tasting session, you will see, feel and smell Arctic ingredients used in the production at the world’s northernmost distillery – Aurora Spirit.

Family Corner

The place where everyone can create their own adventure
We want Malangen Resort to be a place where the whole family can have unforgettable experiences : hiking or skiing in the mountains, swimming or fishing in the fjord, relaxing or playing in our game area. Young and old alike can create nice memories here together as a family.