The seven summits

Seven of the mountain peaks on the Malangen peninsula are about a 30-minute drive, making them easily accessible with transport from the resort. Various routes up the mountains have been mapped by ski touring and avalanche expert Espen Nordahl, who has literally written the book Ski Touring in Troms. Nordahl has combined his own experiences with the knowledge of experienced locals when working out the routes up and down the mountains. These routes and maps provide the foundation for describing the best ski touring trips on the Malangen Peninsula in detail, and for making these trips as safe as possible.

Malangen Resort’s “Resort to Summit” guests follow in the footsteps of some of the leading Arctic mountaineers Norway has to offer.

In the 2023/24 season, Malangen Resort does not offer guided ski touring trips to the seven summits.

The ski touring trips at Malangen Resort have been designed in collaboration with Espen Nordahl (b. 1960). He has been one of the most eager ski touring enthusiasts in Tromsø since he moved to the city in 1982. He has worked as a project manager at CARE – Centre for Avalanche Research and Education at UiT The Arctic University of Norway and as an avalanche forecaster for the Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority. Nordahl is the editor of the book Safer Ski Touring in Norway.

Nordahl wrote the book Ski Touring i Troms, which is the bible for the skiers in the ski touring capital Tromsø.