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Summer in Northern Norway

Enjoy the midnight sun, fjords and mountains in Malangen!

Malangen Resort is the perfect destination for anyone seeking magical summer nights with midnight sun. Malangen is located in the heart of the beautiful Norwegian landscape, surrounded by majestic mountains and crystal clear waters. During the summer months, the sun barely dips below the horizon and the sky remains bright throughout the day.

Malangen serves as an excellent starting point and base camp for those wishing to explore the Tromsø region and Senja. There are plenty of activities at the resort and beautiful walks in the dramatic surrounding nature. The resort’s location also ensures that several attractions and fantastic nature experiences are easily accessible by car. There are also transfers from Tromsø and Tromsø Airport several times a day.

Stay at the hotel or in a rorbu

Some of our activities

Arctic Spa

Hottub and sauna

For those who want to get even closer to nature, we recommend our hot tubs

Boat rental

A little trip on the fjord? We can tempt you with a boat and fishing rods

Bike rental

Enjoy the rugged nature of Northern Norway by bike

Mountain hiking

Mountain tours with or without a guide

Arctic tasting

Book a guided tasting experience from the world's northernmost distillery - Bivrost


A little trip on the fjord?


Paddle through stunning fjord landscapes on a guided kayak tour

Some of our facilities


The menu at Malangen Resort is inspired by traditional northern Norwegian cuisine.

Naustet bar

The boathouse at Malangen resort is inspired by a typical Norwegian boathouse and is located in a secluded part of the hotel building.

The Terrace

The pier terrace is located right outside the hotel, as close to the sea as you can get.
A natural extension of the restaurant. Here we offer a wide range of meals and refreshments.

Wilderness camp

An excellent starting point for tours and events, relaxation and campfire fun.

Fitness room

The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment


Ready for a game of pool in Naustet bar?

Business getaway

See all our facilities

All facilities

See all our facilities