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Autumn Northern Lights Watch

Malangen Resort is in one of the best Northern Lights hotspots in the Tromsø area. The “watch” gives our guests the opportunity to see the mysterious Northern Lights. We start our magical journey with a briefing about the natural phenomenon and the prevailing Northern Lights conditions before we set off to our very own wilderness camp, Camp Nikka, which is just a 20-minute walk from the resort.

Sami storytelling

Join us on a journey through Sami culture. The Sami are the indigenous people living in the northern extremities of Europe. Join us in a lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) to hear fascinating stories about the indigenous people’s way of life, their history and beliefs, in the glow of the fire.

Full-day mountain hike on the Malangen Peninsula

Our full day mountain hike will lead you to the summit of some of the most scenic mountains on the Malangen Peninsula. Get ready for spectacular views of two fjords – the Malangen and Balsfjord.

The route starts in a beautiful birch and pine forest. When you pass the tree line at an altitude of 300-400 m, the spectacular fjord landscape appears. The peaks in the Malangen area are 800-1,200 meters above sea level. The higher you go, the more spectacular the view becomes.

Half-day mountain hike

Experience authentic Norwegian outdoor life by exploring the landscape and mountains in the Malangen area.

Our half-day option involves an easy hike up hills and to viewpoints on the Malangen Peninsula. After passing the tree line, the surrounding fjords become visible and on good days you can see reflections of pristine nature in the sea.

Rental paddleboard (SUP)

Experience the Malangen fjord from a stand up paddleboard. This exciting way to experience the sea is suitable for young and old alike.

Fishing trip and boat rental

Head out onto the fjord by boat and see if the fish are biting.

Arctic tasting

Get a glimpse into the mythical past of Viking age drinking customs and learn about high-tech alcohol production at the top of the world. During this exciting tasting session, you will see, feel and smell Arctic ingredients used in the production at the world’s northernmost distillery – Aurora Spirit.


Malangen Resort is a place where the whole family can have unforgettable experiences – hiking or skiing in the mountains, swimming or fishing in the fjord or ice fishing in a frozen lake. Young and old alike can create nice memories here together as a family.