The Family Corner

The place where everyone can create their own adventure
We want Malangen Resort to be a place where the whole family can have unforgettable experiences : hiking or skiing in the mountains, swimming or fishing in the fjord, relaxing or playing in our game area. Young and old alike can create nice memories here together as a family.

Malangen Resort is offering to all families a wide range of activities such Boat Trips, Fishing Experiences, Reindeers & Dogs and many more.
Summer & Winter –> Discover here all our family activities.
Wilderness Camp : Totally immerged into the nature, our camp will offer you the possibility to walk around the lake or have a small boat trip.
Garden Play Area : At the resort’s outdoor play area, children can use the swings and slide and discover new, exciting territories in a real fishing boat. The family can also try out their skills on the beach volleyball court. You can borrow skipping ropes, badminton sets and chalk at reception.
Pool & Ping-Pong tables are waiting for your family competitions in the pub.

Play Room : Located on the 2nd floor in the hotel building, the room is open every day from 11.00 to 21.00 and is equipped for play, drawing and painting. Children can also sing karaoke or play video games on the big screen. Adults can enjoy a cup of coffee in a corner dedicated to this, unless they get carried away with the game.
Pool & Ping-Pong tables  are waiting for your family competitions in the pub.

* Depending on the activity, there will be some children age limit to be respected.
* For all Resort activities, the children are under every Parent’s Responsibilities.