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Privacy statement

Below is information for you who visit our websites and who fill in information.

Who is vY communication?

vY communication is a digital advertising agency that works towards the real estate industry and especially new housing projects where we deliver everything from concept, design, visual products, websites and digital marketing. Our clients are real estate developers, real estate agents and architects. vY communication is located in Oslo.

1. Information that is entered in the contact form on our website

Personal information
When you fill out the contact form on the website, we need your name, email and / or telephone number. This information is personal information.

The purpose of the treatment
The purpose of the collection is to be able to respond to your inquiry and send you relevant information requested through your inquiry. The processing of personal data is necessary for your request to be complied with.

Processing manager and data processors
vY Communication works on behalf of various players in the real estate industry. The personal information collected about stakeholders is collected on behalf of the Data Controller. The person responsible for processing the personal data collected about you is:

Org. Number 913 959 256

vY Communication is the data processor for the personal information you enter. vY Communication uses MailChimp as a provider of cloud services. The information you enter is stored in our database at MailChimp.

The data controller will also receive the information you leave, so that you can be contacted.

By clicking on the checkbox in the contact form, you agree that the personal information you submit, name, email and / or telephone number, and possibly your interest in a specific project, can be processed in accordance with the consent and what appears in this privacy statement. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Correction etc.
The registered person has the right to access, correct and delete, as well as limit and protest against the processing of, personal data, as well as the right to appeal the processing to the Data Inspectorate. Furthermore, the data subject may have the right to have the personal data transferred to another data controller.

Upon registration, you will receive a receipt with a direct link to update, change content or unsubscribe from your interest. In this way, you can access the personal information we have stored about you, correct the information or delete it. We use MailChimp as a solution for all storage of the type of data collected. Inquiries if you should lose this information are directed to the sales contact on the website.

Storage time
The personal information you enter will be stored for up to 24 months.

2. Cookies

What are cookies and what are they used for?
This website uses cookies in accordance with Norwegian legislation. The vast majority of websites today use so-called cookies to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text that is stored in your browser’s internal memory when you visit or interact with a website. With new legislation and new EU rules for information collection and privacy, many people wonder what “cookies” are. In this document you will find information about how vY communication uses cookies on websites we produce on behalf of our customers.

By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies
The Electronic Communications Act requires this website to inform visitors about the use of cookies. The so-called “cookie clause” states the following:

§ 2-7 b. Use of cookies

The storage of information in the user’s communication equipment, or access to such, is not permitted without the user being informed of what information is being processed, the purpose of the processing, who is processing the information, and has consented to this. The first sentence does not preclude technical storage of or access to information:

1. solely for the purpose of transmitting communications in an electronic communications network

2. which is necessary to provide an information society service at the express request of the user.

What kind of information is stored?
This website uses so-called third-party cookies to be able to analyze your movements on our pages; e.g. number of visitors, pages viewed and time spent on each page. Third-party cookies are also used for marketing purposes based on pages you have visited, even after you have left the relevant website. In order for us to be able to adapt the website and user experience to you, our partners use third-party cookies to track your movements on our pages.

Cookies What is stored Who processes the information
_fbq Mapping your usage pattern on the website. We do not store any sensitive data about you. Facebook
Subcontractor for marketing campaigns
_go Mapping your usage pattern on the website. We do not store any sensitive data about you. Google Analytics
vY communication
Subcontractor for marketing campaigns
_d7 Mapping your usage pattern on the website. We do not store any sensitive data about you. Delta Projects
Subcontractor for marketing campaigns

How to avoid cookies
If you want to avoid the use of cookies, you can set your browser not to accept cookies automatically. See your browser’s help pages for settings. Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, some functions on the website may not work properly.

3. General information about vY communications’ use of stored information

vY communication only passes on information to third parties as stated above in this privacy statement where it is absolutely necessary and to ensure targeted and relevant marketing based on the relevant website you have visited. The marketing takes place in the form of newsletters, ads on social media and display ads on other selected websites. In such cases, strict agreements are entered into to ensure information security. All information stored is linked to a unique e-mail address. Misspelled email addresses are deleted automatically.