Northern Lights watch

Malangen Resort is located in one of the best Northern Lights hotspots in the Tromsø area. "The Watch" gives guests the opportunity to see the mysterious Northern Lights. We start the magical journey with a briefing on the natural phenomenon and the prevailing Northern Lights conditions, before heading to our wilderness camp, which is just a 20-minute walk from the resort.

Our Wilderness camp is strategically located behind the resort, by a small lake and in an area completely free from light pollution. Guide statistics from recent years show that the chances of seeing the Northern Lights here are around 85 percent! Please note that our Northern Lights watch does not include "Northern Lights hunting" in a minibus or similar. Instead, we have chosen to provide a basecamp experience so that all our guests can see the Northern Lights, combined with comfort and relaxation. For example, around the fire in our cozy lavvo. A small meal and hot drinks by the fire are of course included.

The recommended age limit for this activity is five years.

Important : It takes about 15 minutes to walk up the hill to our wilderness camp.

Warm underwear (wool or fleece is recommended), tripod and camera.

21.30 - 01.30

NOK 1,595 per adult
957 NOK per child under 15 years

All equipment: boiler suit, boots, gloves and headgear, headlamps.
A small snack with coffee or tea (vegetarian food is served if prior notice is given).
Instructions for photographing the Northern Lights, free digital photos of the trip.

December 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023