Nature-based activities form an important part of the Malangen Resort experience.
    In winter, this is one of Northern Norway’s Northern Lights hotspots.

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    Nature-based activities form an important part of the Malangen Resort experience.
    In winter, this is one of Northern Norway’s Northern Lights hotspots.

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Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Use-for-the-doglsedding-photo-845x684 Winter activities

Dogsledding through the White Silence

This activity is only for our overnight guests! Contact us as booking@malangenresort.com if you want to join the activity, without staying with us. 

Located near Camp Nikka, we have an intimate group of eager huskies just waiting to take you into the wilderness. We will start the adventure with a lesson in how to manage your own husky team, drive in pairs with a chance to change drivers in the halfway and finish the excursion with a delicious hot meal by an open fire. We have built our camp small enough so there is no room for mass tourism and stress of any kind so you can concentrate on enjoying one of the best experiences the far north has to offer!

All our tours include thermal clothing, a lesson in how to manage your own husky team and a hot meal after we take care of the dogs.

Time: 09.00 – 12.00 daily – Price: 1595 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_fatebike_renta Winter activities


Fat bike is a mountain bike with oversized tires that are designed to run on soft and unstable terrain, like snow, making it a perfect vehicle to get around in the nature surrounding Malangen Resort!

Rent a bike and take it out on your own to the well-marked tracks that we have prepared for you just for this purpose.

Rentals are available daily from
• 09:00 TO 12:00
• 12:00 TO 15:00
• 15:00 TO 18:00

Price: 495 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Use-for-the-Sami-Storytelling-pictures-1030x784 Winter activities


The Sámi are an indigenous people living on Europe’s northern extremes.

Join a Sàmi storyteller to a lavvu (traditional tent) to listen to the stories born during thousands of years of nomadic lifestyle. Learn about the history, the culture and the old beliefs of the Sàmi people in the glow of an open fire. Listen to the traditional joik (chanting) as you are having a taste of the most delicious Sàmi delicacy cooked by the fire.

A light meal and hot drinks by an open fire are included.

Time: 14:00 to 16:00 every weekday from Monday to Friday – Price: 795 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Use-for-the-skiing-photo-1030x688 Winter activities


Cross-country skiing has a special place in the hearts of the Norwegian people. 

Over the years, skiing has moved from being a means of transportation to pure fun.
We will start from the very basics and take you for a short skiing trip through the snowy forests. Prepare to slide, fall down to the soft snow and laugh!  A light snack and hot drinks by an open fire are included.

Time: 13:30 to 15:30 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday – Price: 795 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Use-for-snowshoeing-photo-1030x685 Winter activities


Follow the footsteps of the world famous Norwegian explorers into the untouched wilderness to experience something unlike you’ve ever even dreamed of before – the beautiful silence of the snowy forest, the scent of the smoke from the open campfire and if lucky, maybe even a glimpse of a willow grouse or a red fox in their daily routines.

As you return from the adventure, you will have a much wider perspective of the local nature, lifestyle and of the skills needed in the wilderness.

Time: 09:30 to 13:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday – Price: 795 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Use-for-the-doglsedding-photo_small Winter activities


Our snowmobiles are waiting for you up on the mountains where you’ll travel by our minibus to a pristine valley 1,5 hours from the resort. This unique excursion will take you on an unforgettable journey as you climb a mountain to a remote location accessible only by a snowmobile. You will begin with a cozy warm meal in a basecamp lavvo before you debark on your excursion. You will drive in pairs with a chance to change the drivers in the halfway.

All drivers must be 18+ years of age with a valid drivers license.
All passengers must be 15 years or older. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Time: 10:30 to 16:00 every day – Price: 1850 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Camp-Tamok-Northern-Lights-People-687x1030 Winter activities


Would you choose just anybody to chase a lion? Chasing the Northern Lights is no different!

Malangen Resort is located in one of the most visited Northern Light hotspots in the Tromsø area. “The Watch” enhances your opportunity of seeing the mystical Northern Lights. We prepare for this magical journey with a briefing about this natural phenomenon and the current conditions before we set off to our very own basecamp, Camp Nikka, located 20 minutes from the resort. Camp Nikka is strategically located behind our resort in a location that experiences less cloud activity and the statistics taken by our guides the previous years show that chances of Northern lights here are around 85%! Please note that because of our unique location, our tour does not include “chasing” the lights via a minibus. Rather we have chosen this basecamp experience to allow all of our guests to enjoy the northern lights with comfort and relaxation around a fire inside of our cozy lavvu.

Our experienced guides continue the Northern Light chase long after you fall asleep.

If they spot the elusive light dancing in the night sky while you’re sleeping, we will wake you up with a magical Sami song. That means it’s time to jump into our Northern Light survival kit and meet in the hotel lobby within 10 minutes!

A light meal and hot drinks by an open fire are included.

Time: 21:30 to 01:00 every night. – Price: 1650 NOK per person

Malangen_Resort_malangen_resort_winter_activities_Jacuzzi1_small Winter activities


We take seriously our statement that every room at  Malangen Resort comes with a view.

Our large glass-fronted sauna is located near the waterfront so you can enjoy unsurpassed views of the spectacular fjord and mountains while relaxing in the warmth of the sauna. Like the glass-fronted sauna and virtually every other facility at Malangen Resort, the hot tub offers spectacular view of the fjord and mountain. If you’re really lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the majestic Northern Lights during a relaxing dip in the wintertime.

The open air hot tub and sauna may be hired as a package on request. It is necessary to book in advance. You have the option of combining a spa experience in the hot tub and sauna with refreshing drinks served by a private bartender and/or a delicious meal in the adjacent Aurora event cabin.

There are plenty of options, so feel free to contact us. Note that the hot tub can only be rented privately and includes the private sauna.

Time: Daily – Price: 1500 NOK per group for a 2 hour private rental


Are you ready to make a reservation? Send an email to booking@malangenresort.com to make a reservation. If you have any additional questions,
do not hesitate to contact us in the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.