Dog sledding

Lead a team of eager huskies through the snowy arctic landscape. We start the adventure with a lesson on how to control your own husky team. We drive two by two (a driver and a passenger) with the option to switch places halfway. The adventure ends with a delicious snack.

Winter Northern Lights watch

Malangen Resort is located in one of the best Northern Lights hotspots in the Tromsø area. The "guard" gives guests the opportunity to see the mysterious northern lights. We start the magical journey with an orientation about the natural phenomenon and the prevailing northern lights conditions, before we take the trip to our very own base camp, Camp Nikka, which is only a 20 minute walk from the resort.

Sami history and feeding of reindeer

Join a journey through Sami culture. The Sami are the indigenous people living in the northern extremities of Europe. Join a lavvo (Sami shepherd's tent) with a hear fascinating stories about the indigenous people's way of life, their history and faith, in the glow from the fire inside the lavvo. You get to see traditional Sami objects and taste authentic Sami food, cooked on the fire.

Snowshoeing under the evening sky

Being out in the evening gives increased chances to experience the northern lights. Snowshoeing under the evening sky is an informative activity that takes you out and around in the white winter landscape at the resort. We go up to where the winter wilderness starts, just above the resort. Only our headlights show the way. Sheltered from artificial light sources, we explore open areas, ideal for observing and photographing the Northern Lights.

Ski tour with guide

We start with the basics and take you on a short ski trip through snow-covered forests. Prepare to slide, fall on the soft snow and laugh! We will ski on groomed trails. But more experienced skiers will have the opportunity to ski in the area and create their own trails. The guide will adapt the trip to the conditions and the guests' skiing skills.

Snowmobile safari

The excursion is made for those who are going on a snowmobile adventure for the first time. The scenic route lies between high arctic mountains. We drive on a groomed path in a wide open area on frozen ground past small, picturesque forests. We drive in pairs (one driver and one passenger) with the option to change seats halfway.

Snowshoe tour with guide

Learn about how you can survive in the wilderness, as the famous Norwegian explorers did. This exciting and informative trip combines the joys of walking on snowshoes in the snow-covered forest, with practical and fascinating information from our knowledgeable wilderness guide.

Hot tub

Our resort has a lot to offer, but one of our most exclusive facilities is our stunning jacuzzi, beautifully situated on the edge of the pier. Here you can really let the stresses of everyday life melt away while enjoying the stunning views of the fjord and the majestic mountains that surround us.

For the adventurous and those who want to really test their limits, we recommend a refreshing ice bath in the cold fjord. The experience is rewarded with an "Arctic swimmer" diploma. It may sound daring, but it's an invigorating experience that leaves you with a sense of joy and vitality.


Our sauna is idyllically located on the quayside. Here you can truly experience the ultimate sense of calm and well-being while enjoying the impressive view of the majestic fjord and the snow-capped mountains that surround us.

Our sauna, with its glass front facing the fjord, gives you the opportunity to truly experience the beauty of Malangen in a unique way. Whether you enjoy it before or after an ice bath, you'll find that this is the optimal way to find harmony between hot and cold and really explore the amazing nature experiences that Malangen has to offer.

Arctic tasting

Get a glimpse into the mythical past of Viking drinking customs and learn about high-tech alcohol production at the top of the world. During this exciting guided tasting you will see, feel and smell Arctic ingredients that are all used in the production of Bivrost.

Experience the seven peaks

Seven of the peaks on the Malang Peninsula are around half an hour's drive and easily accessible by transport from the resort. Various routes up the mountains have been mapped by summit and avalanche expert Espen Nordahl, who has literally written the book about «Summits in Troms». Nordahl has used his own experiences and the knowledge of local acquaintances when he has designed the routes up and down from the mountains.


Malangen Resort is a place where everyone in the family will have experiences they will never forget. Hiking in the mountains, with or without skis, swimming, fishing with or without ice. Here, young and old can create good memories together as a family.